Rogers Bank Credit Card, How to Get the Best Mortgage Rates

Rogers Bank Credit Card, How to Get the Best Mortgage Rates

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Finance News –  Rogers Bank’s Platinum Rewards Program allows you to receive unlimited cash back on purchases. This card is accessible for both ordinary and large-ticket purchases. You can quickly earn and redeem your points for free money by applying your rewards to your Rogers, Fido, or Chatr payment. You can also access your account through the bank’s app, which is a free service. Continue reading to learn more about the Platinum Rewards Program and other Card perks.


You can earn Rewards as a Rogers Bank customer when you use your MasterCard to make transactions. You will also receive benefits from Rogers Bank’s loyalty program. Although these are not true payback, the benefits will assist you in establishing a solid financial future. These points can be used for gift cards as well as cashback. You can also spend your points on the MasterCard Pay with Rewards card to make a transaction.

A Rogers Bank credit card might also offer you cashback. The company provides 1.75 percent cash back on all transactions and 2% cashback on Rogers products and services. Purchases of foreign currency will earn you 4% interest. You can also use your MasterCard to shop online at participating retailers. You may use your $25 cashback at the store and in the app once you’ve earned it. After redeeming your points, you have the option of receiving the cashback as a credit on your MasterCard.

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The app is the easiest way to manage your Rogers Bank account. You may manage your balance and your Rogers Mastercard using the Mobile Wallet. It also includes a MasterCard with unlimited cashback that may be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted. With automatic fraud prevention, tailored notifications, travel insurance, and optional group balance protection, the card provide ultimate security. This card is available to both people and small enterprises, and you can request it when you apply for a new credit card.

Rogers Bank provides three different types of credit cards. The Fido Mastercard is intended for mobile devices and telecommunications bills, whilst the Rogers Platinum Mastercard is intended for high-end items. Every time you use your Fido Mastercard, you can receive additional cashback. You can get your bonus money back as soon as you use it. If you are planning a trip to the United States, the Fido Platinum Mastercard is the finest option.


The Rogers Platinum Mastercard comes in a variety of currencies. For example, the World Elite card offers 4% cashback on all foreign transactions, whereas the other two cards offer 3% cashback. There are no yearly fees on any of the three cards. The 1% cashback you receive can be redeemed for any other currency. You can also use your card to make online or in-store purchases. If you want to get the most out of your credit card, apply for the Rogers Platinum Mastercard.

The Platinum Mastercard includes an annual charge, but you can avoid it if you use it with Rogers Bank. The World Elite Mastercard offers unique incentives for travelers as well as a faster earn rate on US dollar purchases. Every purchase earns you $1 in rewards from the card. In addition, the Platinum Mastercard comes with travel insurance. This card can be used for travel and other costs.


While it does not charge an annual fee for its Platinum Mastercard, it offers an excellent rewards program. Get the Rogers World Elite Mastercard if you wish to experience infinite perks. The no-fee card offers attractive rewards and privileges. It necessitates a minimum income of around $80,000 for individuals and $150,000 for households. The Platinum Mastercard offers fraud protection against unauthorized POS debit transactions, mobile phone bills, and counterfeiting. Rogers World Elite Visa and MasterCard are also available.

The Platinum Mastercard is one of Rogers Bank’s most popular cards. This card provides benefits such as zero liability coverage and ten days of foreign travel insurance. The other card provides features similar to the Platinum and Fido Mastercard. For business travelers, the Gold Mastercard is the ideal option. Aside from providing fantastic advantages, the Platinum Mastercard is also an ideal choice for frequent travelers.

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